The Viking Society for Northern Research

This week we’re looking at the wonderful Viking Society for Northern Research, a society founded in 1892 to further the study of the ‘medieval North’ and Old Norse studies. Today, it is one of the foremost academic societies for the study of the ‘Vikings’ in the world.

You can access the website for the society here.

Membership to the society is open to everyone, and brings with it substantial resources for learning about the past. They meet several times a year with wonderful conferences, with talks by cutting-edge academics that are well worth attending. Their annual publication, the Saga Book, presents some of the newest research in the field. The website also brings with it a set of impressive online resources and links to learn more about the history of the ‘Vikings’.

There is an impressive set of publications available through the society – this is a veritable treasure-trove for anyone looking for more niche publications on the Nordic context, or collections of sagas.

The society also has a very generous scheme of funding, for further research. Prizes are also available for early-career researchers. I was fortunate enough to be awarded one of these prizes in 2019 for my research into Icelandic nicknames that would eventually turn into this conference paper, available here.

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