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Obscene and Offensive Early Medieval Nicknames

FAIR WARNING – there are some naughty words below. Nicknames are not an uncommon occurence in early medieval Europe, and can be given to all ranks and classes of peoples (although, notably, female nicknames are substantially less frequent). One of the remarkable features of early medieval nicknames is their shock factor. The frequency of names … Continue reading Obscene and Offensive Early Medieval Nicknames

‘Anglo-Saxon’ England – An Introduction

The ‘Anglo-Saxons’ inhabited what would become England following the fall of Rome, from c.410 up until the invasion of the Normans in 1066. Their lives covered some momentous social changes – the widescale (re?)adoption of Christianity, the emergence of an idea of ‘England’, invasion and occupation by the ‘Vikings’ and finally the introduction of feudalism. … Continue reading ‘Anglo-Saxon’ England – An Introduction


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