‘Anglo-Saxon’ England – An Introduction

The 'Anglo-Saxons' inhabited what would become England following the fall of Rome, from c.410 up until the invasion of the Normans in 1066. Their lives covered some momentous social changes - the widescale (re?)adoption of Christianity, the emergence of an idea of 'England', invasion and occupation by the 'Vikings' and finally the introduction of feudalism. … Continue reading ‘Anglo-Saxon’ England – An Introduction

River Kings by Cat Jarman: A Review

Cat Jarman's new book River Kings is a huge triumph, not only for the study of the Vikings in England more broadly, but for the accessibility of the archaeological method, and the outstanding uses it can be put to. #ComissionsEarned (This post includes Amazon Affiliate links) - As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying … Continue reading River Kings by Cat Jarman: A Review

The Prittlewell Prince

Introduction Archaeology is about much more than treasure-hunting but, inevitably, popular attention tends to be drawn towards rich and magnificent finds. Within an early medieval context, the 'Princely' burials of the Mid Saxon period are particularly notable in this context. The Sutton Hoo Mound 1 ship-burial is deservedly famous and the most impressive example, but … Continue reading The Prittlewell Prince

Old English Poetry in Fascimile

Finding Old English sources can be difficult, especially for some of the less frequently published poems. Old English Poetry in Fascimile begins to address this issue, and is an important step in the democratisation of history and increased access to sources. Now, if you're looking for a straightforward set of translations into English, then the … Continue reading Old English Poetry in Fascimile

The Franks Casket

One of the 'Anglo-Saxon' period's most impressive, and most complex, artefacts is the so-called 'Franks Casket'. A lidded whalebone box, covered in intricate carvings and text, the casket appears to originate from an early eight-century Northumbrian context. But what was it used for, and what can it tell us? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franks_Casket#/media/File:Franks_casket_03.jpg) Finding the Casket The existence … Continue reading The Franks Casket