The Franks Casket

One of the 'Anglo-Saxon' period's most impressive, and most complex, artefacts is the so-called 'Franks Casket'. A lidded whalebone box, covered in intricate carvings and text, the casket appears to originate from an early eight-century Northumbrian context. But what was it used for, and what can it tell us? ( Finding the Casket The existence … Continue reading The Franks Casket

The Ashmolean Cast Gallery – do ‘fakes’ matter?

All the way at the back of Oxford's Ashmolean Museum lies the Cast Gallery. It houses an impressive collection of 'Classical' sculpture works, collected from 1884 onwards. There are few places, especially in the UK, where you can experience such a density of statues in so small a space, and it's a great experience for … Continue reading The Ashmolean Cast Gallery – do ‘fakes’ matter?