The Terracotta Warriors – Artefacts in Context?

The Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum in Xi'an China, known popularly for its Terracotta Warriors, is an archaeological marvel. But what does the site actually consist of, how has the museum managed to display a set of artefacts on such a colossal, breath-taking scale. In a new series on MuseumCraft, we take a look at Qinshihuang's … Continue reading The Terracotta Warriors – Artefacts in Context?

‘Anglo-Saxon’ thegns – Power and Spectacle

It is clear that, by the later tenth century, two substantial long-term evolutions in Anglo-Saxon society had largely come to fruition (Fleming 2001, 2). The first was the emergence of the first real wide-scale aristocracy in England. A broad shift from extensive to intensive lordship is suggested in the tenth century (Molyneaux 2015, 184), leading … Continue reading ‘Anglo-Saxon’ thegns – Power and Spectacle