Experimental Archaeology and Ethnoarchaeology: An Introduction

Every historian of the early medieval period should have at least a basic grasp of archaeology. One area of archaeology less frequently understood, however, is Experimental Archaeology. Seen by some as a bit of fun, Experimental Archaeology is actually a crucial aspect of developing and testing archaeological hypotheses. Broadly speaking, Experimental Archaeology marks an attempt … Continue reading Experimental Archaeology and Ethnoarchaeology: An Introduction

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The ‘New Chronology’ – the World’s Craziest Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theorists are the bane of the academic. After years of research, experimentation and peer-review, some random person on the internet appears and instantly disregards your work, choosing to accept a sinister cover-up instead. I've written before about how these conspiracy theories can often be actively damaging and dangerous, rather than simply laughable. But today, … Continue reading The ‘New Chronology’ – the World’s Craziest Conspiracy Theory

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Studying ‘Disability’ in History

Understanding and Framing 'Disability' A consistent trend in modern academic history has been to challenge ideas that we have traditionally seen as straight-forwards and monolithic. Real life is rarely this simplistic. Variation across time and space makes clear that many cultural trends of the modern world are cultural creations, and vary substantially across history. Recently, … Continue reading Studying ‘Disability’ in History

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‘New’/Processual Archaeology – an introduction

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Although broadly maligned by Hodder and the Post-Processualists in the 1980s, New (or Processual) archaeology is often identified as a substantial shift in both theory and methodology. Led by Binford, Renfrew and Clarke it reacted against the perceived shortcomings of Culture-Historical archaeology, embodied by Childe and (more openly politically) Kossina. … Continue reading ‘New’/Processual Archaeology – an introduction